Ask a Mechanic: How to Bleed a Rock Shox Reverb Dropper Post

Diego asks, “Would you mind showing me how to properly bleed a Reverb dropper post?”

Whether you’re running a regular Reverb or a Reverb Stealth, this video will guide you through the bleed process. Let’s get started.

Before starting, make sure you have the following nearby:

  • 4, 6, and 9mm allens
  • RockShox bleed kit
  • T10 and T25 Torx wrenches

Making sure that your post is in the UP position, use the 4mm allen to remove your saddle from your post. If you have a regular Reverb, then you can leave the post in the bike. However, if you have a Reverb Stealth, mark your seatpost’s position with some tape. Then, remove the handlebar remote using the T25 Torx wrench, loosen your seatpost clamp, and while pulling the post out of the frame, simultaneously push the remote hose into the frame. Once your seatpost is out, zip tie it to your rear wheel with the hose unkinked and pointing up.

Remount your remote onto your handlebar such that the bleed screw is at the highest point on the handlebar. Throughout this process, make sure that all brake components are well out of the way of any bleed ports to avoid Reverb fluid being spilled on them, costing you much more than a simple bleed.

The next step is CRUCIAL to a good Reverb bleed: turn the Speed adjust on the Remote in the opposite direction of the arrow until it stops. Failure to do so will result in a bad bleed.

Fill a RockShox bleed syringe with 20ml of fluid. While holding it upright, depress the plunger to purge any air bubbles from the syringe and into a rag.

Using your T10, remove the bleed screw from the remote and thread the syringe into the remote bleed port. Fill your second syringe with 5ml of fluid and repeat the purge process. Remove the bleed screw from your seatpost with the T10 and thread in the second syringe.

Depress the remote plunger in while pulling the seatpost plunger out. Reverse and repeat the process until air bubbles are no longer coming out of the system. Once your system is purged, remove the syringe from the seatpost and reinstall the bleed screw with a T10.

With the syringe still installed on the remote, pull up on the plunger and slowly depress the remote actuator. Then, depress the plunger firmly until the remote actuator FULLY extends. Repeat this process until bubbles are no longer pulled from the remote. Before removing the syringe, depress the plunger one last time. Remove the sytringe and reinstall the bleed screw.

Wipe down the seatpost and remote with isopropyl alcohol and a clean rag. To check your work, depress the remote actuator button a few times. If the button returns to normal and you cannot pull back on the button, then your bleed is complete. However, if the actuator can be pulled back, then there is not enough fluid in the system and you’ll need to repeat the bleed process.

Use friction paste to install the seatpost in carbon frames and torque your seatpost clamp to spec, making sure not to exceed 6.7Nm. Reinstall your remote and your saddle. Once everything is reinstalled, test the system to ensure it’s functioning properly and hit the trails.