Ask a Mechanic: Hunting Down Creaks and Clicks

Question: I watched the video (see above) on silencing creaks with interest as I have had a creak for some time now. It only occurs when I am out of the saddle and really pushing it, usually going up a steep hill. I had the bottom bracket replaced (it was overdue) but that didn’t stop it. I tightened the chainring bolts and rear derailleur to specs and still no help. Also tried lube on the spokes. I have a Scott CR1 with about 12K miles on it. I bought a new wheelset from you guys but haven’t put them on yet. Maybe that will solve it. I have Keo2 max pedals and just got new cleats. No help. Any other suggestions? From: Mark

Answer: We did a video on cleat and pedal creaks a while back that may help.

Check your derailleur hanger bolts/screws (the ones that hold the hanger onto the bike) greasing the interface between the hanger and frame could help too. Sometimes wheel skewers will creak inside the hub axle, so I would grease those.

If the noise only happens in the lowest gear, it may be your rear derailleur rubbing on the spokes when the wheel flexes. Dialing in the low limit screw a touch will fix that if it is the issue.

Lastly, be sure to check the front end of the bike if you haven’t already.

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