Ask a Mechanic: Is Your Creaky Bike Driving You Insane?

Oh the dreaded creak! We’ve all had bikes afflicted with it at some point. I have no doubt that many of you reading this currently have bikes beset with this vile malady. Finding the source of the creak can be especially frustrating. After dealing with this problem hundreds of times over numerous years as pro bike mechanics, myself and Greg O’Keeffe have come up with a method for narrowing down the source of the problem quickly.

The surprising truth about the source of creaks is that bottom brackets are the culprit less than half of the time. With that said, bottom brackets are the most common source of creaks. This means that it pays to check the other potential sources of a creak before assuming that the bottom bracket is the problem and start tearing into it.

In this video we go step by step through the diagnostic process to locate your creak, and then cure it. Follow the steps outlined in the above video and you can again experience the peace of a creak-free ride.

For a full selection of tools to get the job done, click on the highlighted link.

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