Ask a Mechanic: Silence and Organize Your Cable Housing

Rocco says, “ Whenever I go over a bump at speed my housing seems to be rattling on my frame. Any tips on how to avoid this from happening?

Whether you suffer from annoying noises coming from housing runs slapping against each other, or are just looking for that pro finish on your bike, here’s a great way to keep your housing neat and noise free.

There are commercial housing separators available which clip to the housing, but I’ve found that they break easily and slide around. You can always tape sections of housing together, or even shrink wrap them if you really plan ahead on your build. However, I have a nice, custom method that is both effective and looks cool. All you’ll need are some 4mm nylon housing ferrules, thin zip ties, and some diagonal cutters.

Start by cutting off the end the housing ferrule where the cable would normally exit. Now, pass the zip tie through the ferrule, and find the spot on the housing where you want the separate sections to stay close together. Once that’s determined, place the ferrule in between the housing, loop the zip tie around the upper housing section, then feed the zip tie back down through the ferrule once more. Now, loop the zip tie around the lower section of housing and tighten the zip tie around it. Trim the tail off the zip tie and you’re done.

Although you can use this method on all sections of housing or brake hose, you’ll want to double check and make sure you’re not creating any additional pulling or binding of a section of housing that may hinder the performance of your bike. Generally, if the sections of housing are heading in the same direction you won’t have any problems. Give it a shot and see if you can’t quiet that ride a bit, or at the very least impress your friends with a nice, clean, organized cockpit.