About Brad

has over a decade of bike shop experience, half of which was spent wrenching. He graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a BA in Music, his other love. When he's not slaying the mountains, you'll typically find Brad playing his guitar, hanging out with his wife and kids, or discussing the finer points of home coffee roasting with Luke Gamache.

Mini Review: WTB Bronson Tire


Overview: Excellent all-around trail tire that excels on gravel and loose-over hard

Mini Review: WTB Bronson Tire2012-12-28T17:51:18-08:00

Fresh Catch


This week we have some new Art’s Pro Build 650B Wheels, a new Light

Fresh Catch2012-09-27T12:21:55-08:00

Fresh Catch


Fresh off the boat this week are some excellent looking, stylish rims from H

Fresh Catch2012-08-01T12:42:27-08:00

Fresh Catch


This week we bring you some special edition product from 3T as well as

Fresh Catch2012-07-19T14:42:19-08:00

Fresh Catch


Here’s some fresh items just off the delivery truck. If you ever wondered what

Fresh Catch2012-07-12T14:08:51-08:00

Racing Roundup


It’s begun. The biggest race in cycling is underway and the fireworks

Racing Roundup2012-07-02T13:02:56-08:00