Art’s Cyclery Employee Bike Check | Klunkerz Edition

Art’s Employee: Rocco Gervasi
Position: Service Manager
Bike: Chrysler PT Cruiser Klunker

This week’s employee bike check is all kinds of classic. Art’s Service Manager Rocco Gervasi is a tough dude with a penchant for the extreme. It is entirely fitting that his weekend bike is a Klunker, salvaged from the trash, modified, and pieced together from spare parts. As a Klunker should be. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term “Klunker,” intentionally spelled with a K mind you, this bike check comes with a little bit of history.

Mountain biking began with a group of dirt loving hippies that took their cruisers into the hills to escape the cops. Not since our ancestors picked up their first tools has a more important evolutionary step been made. The rest of this history lesson takes the form of a rad video detailing the roots of mountain biking, a.k.a. “Klunking.” If you haven’t already seen the documentary “Klunkerz,” I highly recommend giving that a watch as well.

“Try to forget how much your body hurts and try to remember how much you enjoyed the experience.” This is mountain biking in a nutshell and this is why we love it so much.

Rocco outfitted his budget Klunker with spare parts that he knew could withstand a crash or two as well as some modern accents like Azonic 420 Flat Pedals and ODI Vans Lock-On Grips to keep it comfortable. Rocco rides his PT Cruiser Chrysler Klunker because it shakes things up, it reinvigorates trails that have lost their luster. He also knows full well the propensity for coaster brakes to smoke like crazy on a gnarly descent, but that doesn’t stop him. It all adds to the joy of riding. Mountain bikes have always been designed to be ridden hard and ridden fast, the bikes look a little different now but we like to think that the camaraderie and the love of the sport haven’t changed one bit.

Tech Specs: 

Frame: Chrysler Cruiser Frame (PT Cruiser Edition)
Fork: Chrysler Cruiser
Headset: Dura Ace 7400
Wheels: F: Rolf Prima Ralos 26″ R: Shimano Coaster Hub with XM 117 Rim
Brakes: Coaster brakes, prone to catching on fire
Crankset: GT Steel 3-Piece (4 pounds!)
Chainrings: GT Steel 32 Tooth
Cassette: Shimano Nexus/Alfine 23 tooth cog
Chain: SRAM 850 
Bottom Bracket: Vintage GT
Shift Levers: Shifting is for the weak
Front Derailleur: In this day and age?
Rear Derailleur: hahaha
Seatpost: Kalloy Black
Saddle: Specialized Henge (Quite possibly the most expensive component)
Stem: Ritchey
Handlebars: Vintage Easton Mountain Handlebar
Tires: Kenda Excavators 26 x 2.35″
Pedals: Azonic 420 Flat Pedals red
Water Bottle Cage: Nope
Grips: ODI Vans Lock-On Grips red

  • Stickers galore

Weight:  32 lbs.