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Published on January 20th, 2017 | by Scotty

Bike Check | Nate’s “Black Pearl”

Why this bike?

Like Jack Sparrow said, “Wherever we want to go, we go. That’s what a bike is, you know. It’s not just wheels and a chain and handlebars; that’s what a bike needs. Not what a bike is. What the Black Pearl really is, is freedom.”  It was something like that anyway.

My first carbon bike was a Tarmac SL.  Since that time, as a competitive cyclist, I have had the opportunity to ride many bicycles and of them all the S-Works Tarmac is my favorite.  From the ride to the well thought out placement of each bolt and cable hanger the bike is a product of engineers that obviously ride, and work on, bikes.  So when it was time to buy a bike again I knew I was going back to the Tarmac.



Road warrior or race machine?

Race machine.  I’d say road warrior but Mad Max was always dirty and I don’t like dirty.

Weight (fully loaded w/pedals and bottle cages)?

7.2kilos / 15lbs 14oz


Favorite part/component?

The entire R9100 group but the new Dura Ace front derailleur (FD) and paired shifter are exquisite.  The set-up is much more complex, but well worth it.  The FD has an integrated cable tensioning bolt, so no need for a barrel adjuster along the cable.  Then the geniuses at Shimao engineered the shifting to have a trim in the bottom position.  This “trim” position allows shifting from the big ring to small without needing a chain catcher (though I am using one anyway, it is a $3,500 frame) as the trim is used for the small ring and larger cogs.

Any custom accessories or special modifications?

Upgraded to a Praxis Works BB that replaces the pressed in bearings of the OSBB, moving the bearings to the outside of the frame increasing stiffness in the BB.  An unexpected upgrade that was recommended by the Art’s crew, I was just going to press in the adapters that came with the bike, I’m glad I didn’t.

SRAM or Shimano?


Will you ever go 1x? If not, why?

No, what’s 1x ;-)  I have my doubts about disc brakes too.

Beer, wine, mixed drink, or water?

Beer, black just like my bike.


High five or knuckles?

High five, unless you want a hug.  But be careful, I’ve been known to displace ribs.

Is this bike worthy of shaved legs and/or a shaved face?

Both, extra close.  None of this showing up on the weekend ride with stubble!  And you better have the tire label centered over the valve stem and be able to read the hub decal from the drive side too (or as the rider depending on the position of the decal).

Kilometers or Miles?

Kilometers are too confusing.

Distance or Time?

I ride for time but try to impress my friends with distance.  15 hours just doesn’t sound as cool as 300 miles a week.

Socks.  Black or White?

Really, you need to ask?  So are my shoes.

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