Custom Intense Slopestyle 2 and Carbine 275 Proto Colors

Polished SlopeStyle 2 ProtoThe guys from Intense Cycles stopped by today to do another demo day for Art’s on their way up to the Sea Otter Classic.  They had a full selection of 650b bikes in both carbon and aluminum for your riding pleasure.

It was a treat to see the personal bikes the demo crew had brought with them today that they will be racing at Sea Otter. There was a custom SlopeStyle 2 with a polished aluminum finish that accentuated the perfect bead of the welds, instilling even more confidence for me in their handmade frames. The Sram XX1 equipped Carbine 275 in works blue, with matching Enve rim decals to match, sure caught everyone’s eye as they were walking into the shop.  I got a chance to take it for a spin around the parking lot after I got back from demoing a Tracer 275. Riding the works blue Carbine made me want to go back out for another ride. Both bikes screamed americana with their red, white, and blue color schemes that echo Intense’s commitment to produce all of their alloy frames and linkages in America.

Works Blue Carbine 275Hopefully your taxes are finally sent in and you have a nice refund check on the way; what better way to spend it than putting it towards a new Intense.