Giant Bicycles Demo at Art’s Cyclery, Friday April 3rd, 2009

giant_mtb_demo_email_artGIANT BICYCLES DEMO DAY! It’s no secret that quite a few of our employees ride Giant bicycles.     The Maestro suspension is one of the most versatile designs going, and Giant’s road bikes offer the perfect combination of stiffness, light-weight and vertical compliance. Giant’s carbon factory is the largest and most advanced non-military facility in the world, and every step of carbon frame construction is carried out there; from spinning individual carbon threads to applying a gloss coat to a finished frame. Perhaps that’s why their carbon bikes are so satisfying to ride.

Now is your chance to try before you buy. Come out to our flagship retail location at 2140 Santa Barbara Street in San Luis Obispo, California on Friday April 3rd and take out one of the Giant Demo bikes that Tom has in the trailer. This is your chance to feel how these bikes ride on the dirt or on the roads, and there’s plenty of both around here. Come take a Reign X down the Rockgarden, or spin a TCR Advanced SL up Prefumo Canyon, and chances are you’ll put in an order when you come back. Bring your drivers license, your helmet, and your pedals and shoes if you prefer not to ride the demo platform pedals.

Here is a list of bikes that will be available; TCR Advanced SL2 (s, m, m/l, l); TCR Advanced 2 (s, m, m/l, l); Defy Advanced 2 (s, m, m/l, l); TCR Alliance W (xs, s, m); Avail Advanced 2 (xs, s, m); Anthem X2 (xs, s, m, l, xl); Anthem X W (xs, s, m); Cypher 2 (xs, s, m); Trance x2 (s, m, l, xl); Reign X1 (s, m, l). There is a chance that Jon might be bringing a Glory 0 and Glory 1 as well.