A Call For Your Positive Voice


Selfies with the people that make you go is a must!

It is no secret. Women have a dominating presence on all the social media platforms. I see you posting about your proud parent moments, achievements, gorgeous selfies, not so gorgeous selfies, zen moments, healthy eats, honest hardships at times, and celebratory encouragement. You are present, heard, and seen.

When we talk about women’s cycling and even just generally what women seem to naturally be good at on social media, I think of encouragement and inspiring words. We can’t help but express the love and appreciation for those we hold dear. We are more likely to repost, retweet, and re-gram the images and quotes we like. I see this trend as an opportunity for women to unite online and grow women’s cycling.


He clearly won that KOM!


No slackers, No whiners.

When it comes to social media interaction we are there saying and posting the things that perpetuate the positive “anything is possible” atmosphere. As I have written about previously, men have a sometimes scary presence, especially when it comes to athletic performance and definitely frightening when it concerns anything STRAVA. This has been a source of disenchantment for many women when trying to approach cycling. Nobody wants to be left in the dust by our companions on the road or the mountain. This is why women have a special role in promoting women’s cycling, go figure. Just as Smokey the Bear said, “Only you can prevent forest fires” likewise, only you can continue to fan the growing flame of women’s cycling.

I was browsing our Instagram feed the other day (@artscyclery) and there are some beautiful photos, but something was missing. Where are my ladies at???? Here is my call to action: I propose that all you ladies out there reading this and realizing the encouraging capabilities within yourselves, send me your photos of what moves you (e.g. you on your bike with what encouraging words you would assign to that photo, and whatever products get you excited about being on your bike!) We will repost these photos onto our Instagram or maybe you will get lucky and appear on this very blog or on our Facebook page! Either way, be a part of promoting women’s cycling with us, and help perpetuate the positivity of powerful women!

two wheel adventure photo

What you plant now, you will harvest later! Get out there!

Send all your photos and words to zoe@artscyclery.com .