Style Icon: Dotsie Bausch


There are many forms that a style icon can take. Dotsie Bausch occupies the refined style that we all wish we could pull off with the ease that she brings to this genre. Dotsie Bausch is a beauty that miraculously ended up on two wheels and never looked back.

America thanks her for being part of the 2012 Olympic silver medal winning team, and we thank her for joining the cycling game so we get to look up to such a wonderfully gifted and beautiful athlete. We are excited to have her take a moment to answer our questions, and especially thrilled that she will be riding our roads here in San Luis Obispo, CA for the Giro Della Costa Centrale on November 15, 2015! Keep your eyes peeled for her on the roads, but for now, let’s get a better idea of what makes this lady so effortlessly cool!


Who is your favorite clothing designer? Any that don’t use animal skins, intestines, or products to make their makeup or clothing. They are hard to find but a few are out there doing the right thing, even if it means shrinking the bottom line.

What made you choose cycling? It was meant to be I guess. As I was towards the end of my healing journey from anorexia (that almost stole my life), I picked up a bike as a vehicle to recovery and celebrated being able to move my physical body in a healthy way again. It stuck. I loved everything about it. I just never quit.

Websites you check everyday? None. (I am old—not that generation that lives on computers.)

Who are your style icons? My grandmother because of her incredible, keen sense of color bombing and adding a touch of bling to everything! I tend to do the same with my clothing and with my home décor.

What is your favorite cycling kit? My Wattie ink kit and my Team USA Olympic kit.spidertech-therapeutic-kinesiology-tape-dotsie-baush

What are you most grateful for? My life!

Who are your cycling heroes? My husband. He has broken more bones and has undergone more crashes than anyone I know, and yet he still keeps getting up, fighting through, doing what he loves (cycling), and uses his sense of humor through it all. He is the strongest and most resilient person I know.

Favorite place to ride? Mt. Lemmon, Santiago Canyon, the London Olympic Velodrome, El Moro mountain biking.

What can you not live without? Morning coffee, love, my dogs, my shelter dog community, Mercy for Animals, mascara, hugs from my Dad.

UnknownWhat song gets you pumped to ride? It’s All About That Base!

What are you working on? What has got you excited? Bringing innovative medical technology into the elite athlete platform and seeing what we can discover about these devices helping athletes learn new, unique parameters about their body and applying that to their recovery and performance. My day job is as a consultant for my own company called Bausch Haus that does market development in this category. I LOVE this work!