Fresh Catch!

Have you been saving your pennies? ‘Cause we have some gear that you need, but isn’t cheap. Nonetheless, it will improve your (night) vision, increase your athletic performance, help your bike last longer, and eliminate your foot stank.

First up is Light & Motion’s Seca 800. L & M puts the most thought into their lights of anyone in the industry. They also are community stewards, donating to cycling programs and organizations across the globe, plus using manufacturing techniques that impact the environment as little as possible. All that, and they make an amazing light!

Light & Motion Seca 800

The Light & Motion Seca 800 includes a compact case to protect your investment.

Juggernaut Skratch Labs has released a new flavor of their Secret Drink Mix—Pineapple—made with real fruit.

Skratch Labs Pineapple Secret Drink Mix

A new flavor from Skratch Labs... Pineapple!

Cycling is a cool sport for many reasons. Unlike other sports, the rank-and-file can ride the same equipment the pros ride. If you work on your own bike, now you can use the same equipment that pro mechanics do. The Feedback Sports Sprint repair stand is the best on the market.

Feedback Sports Sprint Repair Stand

Refined by pro mechanics, the Feedback Sprint is the current example of perfection.

Keep your feet (and those around you!) happy. Hammer Nutrition’s Cool Feet foot powder uses natural ingredients, feels nice and keeps odor and fungus from contaminating your feet and shoes. If no one has told you yet, allow me… It needs to be a part of your hygiene routine.

Hammer Cool Feet Powder

Stay fresh!