Fresh Catch | Our Latest Haul of New Gear

Schwalbe Magic Mary 29


Magic Mary Evo 29 Designed for confident, aggressive riding in loose or soft-to-medium-packed terrain and conditions, the Schwalbe Magic Mary is what came back when Muddy Mary and Hans Dampf went camping together. Sporting a flatter profile that begs to be leaned and driven into turns, the MM’s heavily buttressed shoulder knobs dig into soil and resist deforming on rocks and hardpack, providing cornering grip on any surface.





Lazer Z1 Helmet That the Lazer Z1 Helmet looks amazing is beyond doubt. Add in its wispy 240g claimed weight and Lazer’s fantastic Advanced Rollsys featuring an adjustable head basket, and you’ve got one truly advanced piece of gear. First and foremost, helmets are for protection. Lazer has that covered with their T-Pro and RBS Rigid Brace System. T-Pro adds material to the temple areas, which are particularly sensitive to damage in an impact. RBS is simply the inclusion of a reinforcing structure throughout the helmet’s EPS layer, which helps to strengthen and spread impact out over a greater area of the helmet.



Screen shot 2014-06-04 at 11.43.43 AMBirzman Bottom Bracket Wrench Forged and then CNC machined from Birzman’s high-quality steel alloy, the Bottom Bracket Wrench is precision-cut to mate with Shimano Hollowtech 2-style outboard bearing cups. It’s offset handle is covered with a soft, ergonomically-shaped rubber sleeve. Bottom brackets are a component that tend to be overtorqued, and since they are at the bottom of the bike, any moisture will eventually find it’s way into the BB shell’s threads, further fusing the cups to the frame. That’s why Birzman made the Bottom Bracket Wrench compatible with the wrench extension bar, which provides extra leverage for those extra-stubborn bottom bracket shells. As an added plus, the extender is also compatible with the Birzman Chain Whip, Cassette Lockring Tool and more.



Thomson Covert Elite Dropper Seat Post Thomson’s dropper seatpost has earned a well-deserved reputation for quality and reliability in a category with extremely tough competition. With the release of the Thomson Covert Elite Dropper Seat Post, Thomson addresses the only complaint possible; the need for “stealth,” in this case Covert cable routing.

Camelbak Podium Bottle


CamelBak Grand Tour Podium Bottle One-upping the previous version of their fantastic Podium bottle, the new version is even more user-friendly than before. Made with a softer, more squeezable plastic, the World’s Greatest Water Bottle is also easier to clean thanks to a redesigned Jet Valve. Celebrate the 2014 Grand Tours with a set of 21oz Camelbak Grand Tour Podium Bottles in official rosa, jaune, y rojo.


WTB Trail Boss 29


WTB Trail Boss 29 Another exciting offering from WTB, the Trail Boss looks to be a solid option in the aggressive trial category. With a tight enough tread spacing to keep up plenty of speed, tall, staggered side knobs to provide plenty of bite when the trail gets dicey. Offered in a 2.25-inch width in both TCS Tough and TCS Light versions featuring both the Dual DNA and Gravity DNA rubber compounds, there’s bound to be a Trail Boss to perfectly fit your needs.


Birzman Shock Pump

Birzman Zacoo Macht Shock Pump When precision is paramount, the Birzman Zacoo Macht high-pressure shock pump is up to the task. The CNC-machined aluminum body is sturdy and compact, and the pump’s analog gauge is accurate all the way to 300 psi. The flexible hose and easy-to-use Air-Lock adapter are designed for connection and disconnection without pressure loss. Long piston travel and a clever inline pressure discharge button ensure that you reach the correct pressure efficiently, every time.

100% Goggles


100% Accuri Goggles Goggles are, what? Plastic and more plastic, with some foam and fabric thrown in? Why should a great pair of goggles set you back more than a fancy dinner on Valentine’s Day? 100% doesn’t think they should, and that’s why they created the 100% Accuri Goggles. Sharing the same lens shape with their top-of-the-line Racecraft goggles, the Accuri eye shield provides supreme clarity and sharp transmission of object-reflected light so your brain can quickly choose the fastest line.


Michelin Star Grip City Tire

Michelin Star Grip City Tire  Touted as the answer to slippery pavement commutes, the Michelin Star Grip City Tire employs an effective array of features to help get you safely to work, school, or wherever your travels take you. At first glance, the tread seems to be made up of hundreds of snowflake-shaped knobbies. Fittingly, the Star Grip excels in wet—even snowy—conditions. Each “snowflake” has multiple deep sipes, creating a very malleable tread with a surplus of edges, conforming and grabbing tenaciously to any surface. These edges get a little extra help from the rubber compound, which is specially engineered to maintain traction in cold temperatures.