2010 Dakine Hydration Packs and Cycling Bags

Hey folks, Art’s Cyclery just received the first shipment of 2010 Dakine packs and bags, and I am stoked! We are trying out a few new items from Dakine this year, and I think they are going to be very successful. First of all, I am a big fan of Dakine product. Most of us have one of their hydration packs, and we use their gear for other sports as well. What makes me so fond of Dakine is the usability of all their products. Everything they make is exactly how you would make it—pockets, materials, zippers… It all just works! 

The first of the new products is the Dakine Commuter Pack. This is the item that will bring Dakine to the roadies. Dakine’s Commuter Pack is perfect for cyclists who use their bike as transportation, or for those who take their lunch break on a bike. It’s large enough to carry clothes, a computer, food, and then some. An integrated shoe compartment keeps your smelly togs away from the clean linens. 

Next is the Dakine Rider’s Duffel, which is a gym bag for cycling. Keep it in your car to organize the mess, use it for traveling to races or new places for weekend epics, or take it to work to keep all your gear ready to head out at a moments notice. There is room for practically all your riding gear, and it’s made out of tough, Cordura-like polyester.

Finally , the last of the new stuff (for us), is the Dakine Messenger Bag (large). Ever since we started selling Chrome bags, and they started flying out of here, we have been on the lookout for a low-cost option for casual or office use. If you need to know where everything is in your bag, the Dakine Messenger is for you. There are tons of pockets and pouches, and the bag is adjustable for right- or left-handed use. If you need a bag that can survive a trip through a gravel crusher, the Chrome is still the way to go, but for many of us the Dakine will be great.

Of course, all the Dakine hydration packs are back as well, and all dressed up in their 2010 outfits. Bomber and Checks are my favorite, but check ’em all out and order your favorite. We will be stocking the Apex, Nomad, Drafter, and Amp packs, and if you want something we don’t have on the website, just give us a call and we’ll get it.