Art’s Cyclery Pro Build Wheels – In Stock Now!

There are a lot of great prebuilt mountain and road wheels on the market right now and we stock a great selection of them, but custom wheels have some benefits that prebuilt wheels can’t always provide. Chief among the advantages of custom wheels compared to other high-end offerings is price. Most prebuilt wheel system options have massive amounts of R&D and marketing dollars invested in them that have to be recouped by the manufacturer, and the price tag reflects this. Prebuilt wheels are such a big part of the current cycling marketplace that most riders don’t even consider custom wheels as an option, or they find the thousands of options available and the research required for an informed custom wheel purchase to be too daunting. Then, there’s the wait involved to have custom wheels built. We have solved these issues so you can get affordable, reliable, high-end wheels without the headache or the wait. We put together a few prebuilt custom mountain bike wheel options that we have in stock now for you to buy, and we hope to have some road options as well in the near future.

All of the three new mountain wheelsets utilize WTB’s outstanding TCS rims for easy tubeless compatibility. Our two top-of-the-line options use e*thirteen’s groundbreaking new hubs that utilize massive oversized flanges to build a stiffer, stronger wheel. e*thirteen hubs also pack a 60-point engagement freehub for nearly instantaneous drive that can really be felt at the pedals. Click past the break to learn more about our new prebuilt Art’s Pro Build Mountain Wheels.

Art's Pro AM Wheelset

For our Pro AM Wheelset we took a pair of WTB Frequency23 rims, with a wide 23mm inner rim width, and laced  them 3-cross to e*thirteen TRS+ hubs with black stainless steel Phil Wood double butted spokes and DT Swiss black brass nipples. The front hub is setup to take a 20mm through-axle (but is adaptable to 15mm) and the rear is 142×12. This build offers a great blend of strength and light weight. Best of all, the price is far below the prebuilt wheel system options on the market at just $749 including tubeless tape and valves! Just to make sure no one is left out, this wheelset is available in both 26″ and 29″.

Pro 29 XC Wheelset

The Pro 29 XC Wheelset uses WTB Frequency i19 TCS 29er rims to keep the rolling inertia low so they spin up and change direction quickly. The rims are laced to e*thirteen XCX+ hubs with black DT alloy nipples and black stainless steel Phil Wood double butted spokes. With a 15mm through-axle front hub and quick release rear, these wheels come in at a competitive 1723g (794g front and 929g rear) and are only $719. Tubeless tape and valves are included at no extra charge.

For riders on a tighter budget that still want tubeless capability we have our new 26″ Enthusiast TCS Wheelset for $499. This offering consists of WTB Laser TCS rims with a nice 21mm inner rim width to accommodate any width tire you might want for your trail bike. This sturdy hoop is laced 3-cross to the astounding 120 point engagement Halo Spin Doctor hubs with silver stainless steel Phil Wood spokes and DT Swiss black brass nipples for the perfect blend of lightweight and durability.

Art's Enthusiast TCS Wheelset

Our in-house wheel builders took the care to install thin brass spoke washers at the spoke head to ensure a perfect fit between the Phil Wood spokes and Halo Hubs (these washers are not needed on the e*thirteen hubs due to their unique hub flange geometry). The Halo hubs are setup to accept quick release skewers front and rear, but 20mm front through-axle adaptors are included with the wheelset along with tubeless tape and valves. 15mm front axle adaptors and 142×12 rear adaptors are available separately.

If these wheels don’t float your boat, or you want something in a different color, we are more than happy to put together a custom wheelset made to your specifications. Just call our toll free number 800-835-1540 and we can discuss options and pricing with you.