Ask a Mechanic: How to Install a Kind Shock LEV Integra Dropper Seatpost

Timothy wants to know: “How do I set up my Kind Shock LEV Integra dropper post? It’s a bit more involved than the externally routed version.”

Thanks for the question Timothy. As internally-routed frames become the standard, this is a process we all need to know. If you’re looking for a new seatpost, be sure to check out our social media outlets twice-a-week for the Mystery Sale and a sitewide discount code.

The first thing to do is note the seat height with either your previous post or the new post in its extended position installed. Measure from the center of the bottom bracket spindle to the center of the saddle rails. Write down the measurement so you don’t forget., then remove the seatpost.

Next, mount the remote lever. Most people mount the lever on the left side to take the place of the front shifter on a 1X system. Even with 2x systems, front shifts aren’t as common. After mounting the lever, remove the post from the frame and run the housing that will go to the post. Most frames that accept internally routed seatposts have guides that will feed the housing into the seat tube with minimal effort.

Once the housing comes out of the top of the seat tube, connect the housing to the bottom of the post and insert the post into the frame to the original seat height. As you push the post down into the frame, gently pull the housing where it exits the frame, but not hard enough to pull it off the post. With the post is at the correct extension, turn the handlebars as far as you foresee needing them to be able to turn. I turn them a full 180 degrees if the other cables allow it. Now cut the seatpost housing to fit into the remote lever with the bars turned.

Once the housing is cut, mark the post at the top of the collar, remove the post, and run the cable through the housing. Push the cable through the housing and then once again pull the housing so that it is coming out of the top of the seat tube. This may require you to turn the handlebar toward the spot where it enters the frame or potentially removing the remote from the bar, but make sure the housing is still firmly attached to the remote.

Now that the cable is through the housing, pull the cable tight to remove any slack and set the housing into the guide KS provides that was attached to the bottom of the post. Slide the barrel clamp onto the cable until it is sitting on the top of the guide. Snug the barrel onto the cable and you can remove the cable and housing from the guide. Next you’ll want to fully tighten the barrel to the cable and cut the cable at the top of the barrel. Finally, connect the barrel and insert the housing into the bottom of the post, and re-insert the post into the bike to the desired height. If there is any dead throw in the remote lever use the barrel adjuster to take up the slack and you’ll be good to go.