Fresh Catch | Our Latest Haul of New Gear

E13TRW29-1e*thirteen TRSr Wheelset Amazing performance for an amazing price, the e*thirteen TRSr Race Wheelset 29″ is the privateer’s choice for the fast path to the podium. In order to make the wheels competitive with carbon hoops, e*thirteen uses Exalite R Scandium rims. They have a custom shape with a 23mm rim height (which increases stiffness by allowing short spokes) and a 23mm inner rim width to optimize your tire profile.

If you want the ultimate enduro race wheelset, but don’t want to fork over for carbon, the e*thirteen TRSr wheelset is your ticket.





Kask Vertigo Matte Black Helmet Every effort has been made to make the Kask Vertigo as comfortable as possible, creating such a perfect fit that you’ll forget it’s there. Team Sky’s helmet choice is the Kask Vertigo, and yours might be too once you discover the details. Comfort, safety and incredible attention to detail results in one of the finest helmets on offer. Add in a new matte black colorway and you’ve got some some serious style to add to the mix as well.



ACPGRS-1All City Retseck Pint Glass Keep it chill and keep it classy with the All City Retseck Illustration Pint Glass, featuring the art of renowned artist George Retseck. An All-City Cycles Macho Man Disc, which is crafted from 612 Select Cro-Moly steel, is lovingly rendered on a 16-ounce Libby “American” pint glass. It looks even better when filled with your favorite malted beverage.







Chris King XD Driver It took a while, but was worth the wait. As with all things Chris King, the Chris King XD Drive Shell Complete is not only a flawless performer, but a work of art as well. The XD Drive Shell takes the place of a “standard” freehub body, allowing you to mount a Sram XD eleven-speed cassette.

Machined from a solid piece of stainless steel, then heat-treated to withstand the abuse mountain biking wreaks on components, the XD Drive Shell will integrate seamlessly with your present Ring Drive King ISO rear hub shell.


CDLXL1029-2Cannondale Lefty First introduced in 2000, the iconic Lefty fork has been polarizing the mountain bike world since its introduction well over a decade ago. It’s champions tout the Lefty’s superior stiffness, light weight, and super-smooth action. Meanwhile, the Lefty’s detractors sound like a skipping CD, simply chirping over and over that it looks different than a fork with two legs. Who are you going to listen to?







Fox 2015 Forks Featuring a host of upgrades that promise to make for the best performing lineup Fox has ever produced, the 2015 model year forks feature revised seals, damper settings and a revised shock oil formula that all aim to enhance sensitivity and plushness. With the competition stepping up its game, it’s good to see Fox is responding in kind.






Sensus Swayze Grips Want to become a bad-a** without being tough or learning how to fight? All you have to do is watch Roadhouse a few times and you’ll be untouchable. Just like James Dalton cleaned up the Double Deuce, bolting a set of Sensus Swayze Lock-On Grips to your handlebars will enable you to clean the gnarliest parts of your local trails and finally dial-in that one-footed x-up back flip.










Omega Pharma Quick Step Cavendish British Champ Jersey The Manx Missile won his first British Road Race National Championship in 2013 to go along with his long list of career victories. Made by Vermarc, this is This is the British National Champion Jersey of Mark Cavendish features TVX fabric, which stands for Total Vapor Exchange. This 100% polyester fabric is made up of two different types of fibers so that moisture is moved efficiently away from your skin.