Holiday Gift Guide | The Greenhorn

Note: Part One of our ‘4 Shades of Roadie’ Holiday Gift Guide Series, The Greenhorn edition outlines some perfect gift ideas for the budding road cyclist. Check back soon for the other lists.

The Greenhorn. Welcome to the club. We’re a different bunch, us cyclists, but odds are, that’s why you’re here. Why so much gear you ask? Touché. The only riposte we can offer is that our little sport is still much more economical than car collecting. Well, barely.

Sure, the startup investment may seem steep, but put your money into the right equipment and you’ll be rolling smoothly for a long time to come. Here are a few suggestions worthy of any new cyclist’s wish list this holiday season.

Lezyne Twin Kit
Standing on the roadside becomes a bit of a nuisance after about, oh, five seconds. Keep the headache of getting a flat to a minimum with Lezyne’s tidy Twin Kit which packs two CO2 cartridges as well as a patch kit to tackle all of your puncture needs.



Pearl Izumi Bib Short
For any cyclist that’s new to the game and starting to ramp up the mileage, the importance of a good pair of bib shorts can’t be under stressed. A comfortable undercarriage pays a sizeable part in deciding whether your riding experience is a great one or a miserable one. A pair of Pearl Izumi’s Attack Bib Shorts will help ensure the former.



Lezyne SV-5 Stainless Multitool
A must-have on every ride, a good multitool can really save your hide. From a quick derailleur adjustment to tightening a loose headset, when things go south on a ride, a multitool can be worth its weight in gold. The SV-5 offers machined stainless- steel sideplates, bits, and hardware for long-term durability.



Park Tool Chain Cleaning System
A clean chain is not only a happy chain, but also one that actually shifts a heckuva lot better than a dirty one. Keep your chain gleaming and your bike shifting like new with the Park Tool Chain Cleaning System comprised of both Park’s ingenious Cyclone chain scrubber, as well as a bottle of ChainBrite degreaser that cuts through even the most tenacious of road grime.


WD-40 Foaming Bike Wash
A staple in every handyman’s toolbox for decades, WD-40 has branched into the cycling world with a dedicated line of bike-specific products. Their foaming bike wash will have your bike sparkling as it did on the showroom in no time at all.



Art’s Cyclery Pint Glass
Show your newfound allegiance to the cult of two wheels with a smart-looking Art’s Cyclery Pint glass. Featuring an all-silica construction, it’s sure to handle even the highest-octane craft brews with style and grace. We do however recommend limiting it to post ride use only. But then again, we won’t tell on you either.


Stocking Stuffer: Rock N Roll Gold Lube

As important as it is to keep your chain clean, keeping it lubed is paramount. Thankfully Rock N Roll’s Gold Lube is well prepared for the job. Striking a fine balance between effectiveness and durability, we’re hard pressed to argue against Rock N Roll’s self-bestowed moniker: ‘The King of Lubes’.


For more suggestions, just direct your browser over to the Art’s mothership.