Product Review: Lezyne V10 Multi Tool

While the bikes we ride get most of the attention, and rightly so, it’s also fun to get way too wrapped up in the peripheral items that cycling requires. Multi tools aren’t the sexiest of bike accessories—except when Lezyne makes them—but they can save your day if you pack the right one. My favorite for years running has been the Lezyne V10 multi tool. The V10 has all the right attributes a multi tool needs; adequate tool selection, compact size, robust construction, and light weight.

Lezyne V10 Multi Tool

Lezyne's V10 Multi Tool packs a lot of tools in a small space.

Just about every tool you could need for emergency trail- or road-side repair is neatly tucked in between the V10’s aluminum sideplates. Let’s go down the list: A Phillips head screwdriver, one each T25 and T30 Torx drivers,
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 mm allen wrenches, and an aluminum chain tool.

What I like best about the V10 is that Lezyne somehow managed to fit all those tools into a slim little package. Measuring 62 mm X 42 mm, and just a bit thicker than a ball point pen, the V10 takes up practically no room in a seatbag or jersey pocket.

Lezyne V10 Multi Tool

Lezyne's V10 is thin!

Don’t be fooled by it’s small size, though, the V10’s tool bits can perform some serious work! I’ve been able to easily torque—and over torque—many a bolt with no tool twist, thanks to the bit’s center-punch design and rigid aluminum side plates.

With the Lezyne V10 tucked away in your repair kit, you’ll never even know it’s there… Until you need a savior to help fix your bike and get you back home.