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How is it that the Holidays have the unique ability to raise your blood pressure about as much as hellacious L.A. traffic?! Aren’t Christmas and Thanksgiving supposed to be the time of year filled with relaxation and quality time spent with loved ones? Things seem to have been lost somewhere in the mix. Nobody wants to celebrate the holidays by standing in long lines of people and traffic to buy something you’re not fully convinced is even wanted or necessary. This is where Art’s comes in handy: not only can we spare you long lines, but this Gift Guide for the roadie in your life will help to point you in the right direction of things that will not only be desirable, but useful and GREATLY appreciated.

GIFTS FOR COMMUTERS  –  If you know someone who bikes more than 3 days a week to work, commutes to the gym, or pedals to the market, then the following assortment of goodies is here to save the day!

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Lezyne Hecto/Strip Drive Pair ($68) – Even if you’re not constantly riding in early morning or late evening, winter days are short, and getting caught in the dark is inevitable. Be prepared with the best value on the market! Incredibly bright (300/25 front/rear lumens), weatherproof, and durable front and rear lights ensure that you’re seeing and being seen!

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SKS P45 Chromoplastic Longboard Fender Set ($45) – Fitting essentially any wheel and tire under the sun, these fenders keep you dry and stylish without breaking the bank!

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Lezyne M-Caddy Sport Kit ($55) – Complete with a pump, M-Caddy saddle bag, patch kit, tire levers, and a multi-tool, literally all that’s left to buy is the appropriate tube for yourself! This is the One Stop Shop!!

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Giro Merino Knit Wool Gloves ($28) – When commuting, it’s often hard to blend both style and function into one. Lucky for you, Giro’s beautiful Merino Knit Wool Gloves also perform flawlessly to keep you warm and up-to-date with touchscreen compatibility.

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Shimano XT 2-Way Pedals ($80) – Serious commuters, REJOICE! On those long commutes to work, you can embrace the clipless side of the pedals, but when it comes to that “quick jaunt to the market” in your stylish giddup, you don’t need to wear cleated shoes.

Keeping warm, dry, and well-equipped is an essential for commuters everywhere. If you need more gift ideas for the commuter cyclist in your life, check out this Category of goodies!