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How is it that the Holidays have the unique ability to raise your blood pressure about as much as hellacious L.A. traffic?! Aren’t Christmas and Thanksgiving supposed to be the time of year filled with relaxation and quality time spent with loved ones? Things seem to have been lost somewhere in the mix. Nobody wants to celebrate the holidays by standing in long lines of people and traffic to buy something you’re not fully convinced is even wanted or necessary. This is where Art’s comes in handy: not only can we spare you long lines, but this Gift Guide for the roadie in your life will help to point you in the right direction of things that will not only be desirable, but useful and GREATLY appreciated.

GIFTS FOR ENTHUSIASTS  –  For the cyclist that’s “been there” and “done that”, here’s a few gift ideas that will still spark their interest and get them equipped for the upcoming year and gloriously long miles.

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Giro Trans E70 Road Shoe Highlighter Yellow ($180) – Shoes. Behind saddle selection, shoes are arguably the most important touch point on your bicycle because this is where all of your massive muscular exertions are transferred to the pedals, bike, wheels, and ground. Efficiency is key. But who said looks to kill weren’t also?

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 Defeet Cyclismo 4″ Hi Rouleur Sock ($15) – Intended use: ballin and haulin. Watch your instagram followers swoon by the millions. Defeet’s most popular sock (the Cyclismo) finally took the plunge into the next realm, offering colorful folks a bit of flare and a nice accent to the impending all-black.

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Vittoria Diamante Pro Radiale ($30) – Who doesn’t want a 220 TPI performance tire at an everyday pricepoint? The incredibly supple road feel will help increase your confidence in corners and thus, your speed…its 197 gram weight won’t hurt either!

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Lazer Blade Helmet ($99) – Fully adjustable and fitting a wide array of heads, Lazer’s Blade Helmet and its 22 vents in total somehow come in at a meager $99 and 289 grams!

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Bar Fly SLi-D Garmin Mount ($30) – Available in four separate colors, this computer mount delivers a lot beyond simple aesthetics. It’s polycarbonate construction makes it a claimed 20x stronger than aluminum, and it also sits dead center over your stem for those who prefer a front and center GPS mounting location.

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