Sea Otter 2014: Pretty SLi for a Bar Fly

Walking into the Bar Fly tent at Sea Otter was like walking into the nursery of a new parent. Woody Tate himself was proud to show off the company’s latest offspring, the Bar Fly SLi. He had every reason to be proud as well, this kid is impressive. The latest Bar Fly is constructed from alloy instead of plastic, comes in a multitude of colors, and features dual positions so you can be sure your Garmin Edge will fit snugly regardless of the generation.

Bar Fly SLi

Look how clean. And functional too!

 The single bolt, hinged clamp design easily fits on either a standard 31.8mm handlebar or on the increasingly popular 35mm handlebar diameter, just be sure to get the corresponding 31.8 or 35.0 SLi model. Both units weigh in at a scant 22 grams but they are sturdy enough to support both a Garmin and another accessory of your choosing. The under mount (pictured above with GoPro) looks about as clean as it gets and it is compatible with Shimano Di2, Campagnolo EPS, the GoPro and a multitude of other accessories. You can finally pair your Garmin up with a light, camera or junction box without having to waste vital handlebar real estate or create some DIY rig that will more than likely pose a safety hazard. The Bar Fly SLi is sure to give competitors like K-Edge a run for their money and did we mention that it’s made entirely in the good ol’ US of A?