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Necessity is indeed the mother of the greatest innovations. A few months ago, we were introduced to a new company called Shoefitr and immediately recognized it as a powerful application with huge potential for us to better serve our online customers.

Shoefitr uses 3D scanning technology to scan the insides of shoes, generating measurements relative to fitting a shoe to a foot. This company was born out of a problem – consumers are uncertain about what size shoe to order and are therefore hesitant to shop online. Even with free return shipping, which we offer, we understand that buying shoes online can be tricky. According to Shoefitr’s website, if a consumer chooses the same size shoe in a different model, he will not receive his preferred fit 40% of the time.

Simply tell Shoefitr what size and model shoe you currently wear, and it will tell you exactly what size to order in another model. You can view a 3D scan of the inside of a shoe that shows where it may be tighter or looser compared to your current shoe. This almost guarantees you will order the perfect fitting shoe and completely eliminates any guess work involved in picking the right size.

In addition to increasing customer satisfaction and confidence, we anticipate this application will cut down on returns, which cause approximately 8,500 tons of carbon emissions per year from online retailers.

We are proud and excited to have partnered with Shoefitr and hope it helps you in your quest for the perfect fitting shoe. To try it out, just go to our site and click on any shoe.