Tech Gift Guide for Cyclists

Sure, the bike can be a great tool for escaping the ever-widening grasp of technology, but increasingly more and more high-tech gadgets are finding their way into the riding experience. From GPS units to electronic groupsets, direct current and ones and zeroes are changing the way we ride.

So, in the interest of keeping up with the proverbial Joneses take a look at our selection of tech goodies that are sure to please any pedaler on your gift list.

Stocking Stuffers (Under $100)

Topeak Ride Case—For those who have a hard time being away from their phone for more than a few minutes, the Topeak Ride Case presents a well-executed solution. Mounting on the stem cap, the Ride Case offers a solid perch for your iPhone, perfect for keeping a close eye on your Strava app. The case itself sports some pretty snazzy construction, utilizing some high-zoot carbon fiber. Slim enough to use as an everyday case on and off the bike, the Ride Case is affixed to the stem cap mount with just a simple click. For all of its functionality though, there is one caveat to the Ride Case—with your Netflix account being more accessible than ever before, reruns of Magnum P.I. may begin to compete with the road for your attention.

SRAM Quick View Garmin Mount—A Garmin GPS unit can be a significant investment, so why not go the extra mile and mount it in style? SRAM’s Quick View offers a sleek, sculpted design while still remaining eminently functional—all without breaking the bank. In fact, The Quick View is compatible with all quarter-turn Edge computers, and tipping the scales at 19 grams, weight is hardly a concern.


K-Edge Go Big GoPro Camera MountStabilize your shot—and protect your investment—with a K-Edge Pro Handlebar mount. Packing a burly CNC’d aluminum construction, the K-Edge offers a noticeable decrease in camera shake over stock mounts, contributing to a lot less motion sickness come time for editing.



Gifts for Under the Tree ($100 or more)

Go Pro Hero 3+ Black Edition—There’s a reason the terms action cam and GoPro are interchangeable—GoPro has dominated the market with their ubiquitous Hero camera since its introduction. The Hero 3+ Black Edition is the latest and greatest from GoPro and is their most advanced offering yet. Armed with 4K video resolution, the capability to take 12-megapixel stills and a 30-percent sharper lens, it’s not the Hero 3’s fault if your videos are anything less than stunning.

Garmin Edge 200—Garmin’s GPS for the everyman, the Edge 200 offers the sensor-free simplicity of Garmin’s higher-priced offerings without requiring a a second mortgage. The Edge 200 tracks time, distance, speed, location and calories burned. And, like the other Edge models enable users to upload their rides to Garmin Connect to relive and track their training from the comfort of their desk chair.


Lezyne Alloy Digital Drive—Lezyne has a reputation for high design, but thankfully they always seem to back that up with a solid product. The Lezyne Alloy Drive has been Lezyne’s flagship pump until now. With the addition of a digital gauge, the Alloy Digital Drive now sports a 1.6 inch LCD screen which is nice and easy to read and accurate to within 3 percent.