The Other Eternal Question

Can someone please tell me what the big deal with shaved legs is? I used to shave my legs, being an avid cyclist, and I would defend it to the non-cyclist in some made-up manner that didn’t fully make sense. It’s winter now and I haven’t shaved my legs in quite a while, but why should I? My wife doesn’t want me to, I think it’s a pain (I don’t even shave my face more than twice a week) and I’m just having trouble justifying it. This is my dilemma because for whatever reason, I feel like I need to now that I’m riding a nice bike. Here’s the upsides I can see. Though it’s probably entirely mental, I feel faster when my legs are shaven. I also think I look better in spandex. Before you laugh, this may have some speed benefit. If I feel pro, I may just ride more like it. Though this probably isn’t true, it is true that no one looks “good” in full spandex get up so why this makes a difference to me, I don’t know. I know I don’t look good, baggy clothes hide the fact that I’m a bean-pole. And we wonder why people try to run us off the road. If you are in fact pro and getting lots of massages, I can see how not having hair on your legs would make sense. Until I start paying my wife, that’s not going to happen for me and I can guess it doesn’t happen for most of you either. So I propose the question again, why do we roadies and mountain bikers (I know there’s a few of you out there) shave our legs? Maybe together we can work up a legitimate reason to do so.

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Hammer On