A Bicycle Built for Two Billion

Come join us on April 26th, from 5-7 PM for a tandem bike ride around the world through the experiences shared in this colorful, intimate, and inspirational multimedia talk by Jaime Bianchini. Jaime piloted a tandem bike around the world while leaving the rear seat open to invite total strangers he met along the route to join the journey. Over 1,000 strangers accepted his invitation to ride, connect, and create lasting friendships that crossed all language cultural, and religious barriers.

Come join Jaime and his unforgettable cast of co-pedalers, from inspiring villagers to conniving thieves, romantic paramours to unlikely gurus, excited school kids to seniors who have never set foot on a pedal. Come join them all for the ride of your life.

The images, videos, music, and stories will give you a sneak peek at the exciting content available from Jaime’s upcoming book, A Bicycle Built for Two Billion.