Blogs and Cycling in Hibernation

If you’ve been paying any attention to our blog for the last month, you may have noticed that… there’s nothing to pay attention to. I apologize for this, but like cycling in general this time of year, the blog has been in a state of torpor. And why is that? I know why there haven’t been any blogs recently, but why does cycling seem to cease to exist once the whether gets cold (I’m speaking out of concern for my fellow Californians. If you live above the 40˚ line of latitude, your excuse holds more water, or should I say ice). None the less, cycling companies don’t make winter apparel for august.

This morning I rode to work, finally. I sold my “Lemon’d” and got a 2010 Tarmac Expert. The bike is awesome, however, at 6:15 this morning it was 28˚ outside when I left. I don’t care where you’re from, anything below freezing is cold. To give you an idea, I regularly have a pretty loud cassette mechanism – this morning, after about 5 minutes it went silent. Not sure why but I think it has something to do with the grease not being designed for such temperatures. All that to say, I still enjoyed myself. I’m going to get some new gloves and booties. There’s nothing fun about feeling like you’re going to get frost-bite. I’ll let you know which one’s I get and how they did soon enough. I’ll also be giving you a review on my new bike as well as it’s Ultegra 6700 gruppo. For now suffice it to say, they’re both awesome.

My point is this, if you can’t ride right now, maybe reading about my new stuff and riding pleasures will make you want to ride and help get you back on the bike. Cold shmold. With the right gear you’ll be toasty warm. Check back soon to find out what I’ve done to keep my ungodly fatless body warm and on the bike this winter. Until then, get a tune-up at your local shop (Arts if you live here) and get back on the bike for a lunch ride (it’s not so cold in the middle of the day).

Hammer On