Oh Hey There!

Art’s Cyclery Welcomes Kevin Rouse to the Team

Kevin steps on the gas in Hawaii.

Howdy folks. Now, I suppose the polite thing to do here would be to introduce myself before I subject you to my musings here on the Art’s Cyclery blog as the newest writer on the team. But, sometimes politeness falls outside the realm of my capabilities (Don’t run to HR with that info). Thankfully, that isn’t the case in this instance—I don’t think many of you could handle the full brunt of my overpoweringly sardonic wit straight from the get-go.

(Note to Self: I should really come with a warning label.)

But, on the business of actually introducing myself, all you really need to know is that my worldly realm is dominated by anything with two wheels and a set of pedals, and when it comes to miles, I adopt a strict equal-opportunity policy. I come to Art’s after three years at Paved magazine, where I was lucky enough to write about riding bikes all over the world and I look forward to bringing that experience to the Art’s Cyclery content team.

Also, with a bit less travel on my plate, I’m free to focus on my burgeoning semi-professional gran fondo career thanks to the year-round training season afforded by Art’s headquarters’ location in sunny San Luis Obispo, California.

As a rider who isn’t afraid of saddle sores, long days on the bike are my bread-and-butter. I enjoy the challenge of long-distance randonneuring events, and completed the 1400-kilometer London-Edinbugh-London randonnée this past summer in just over 100 hours.

I’ve also been known to dabble in that sport where one dons speedos and running shoes and have completed two Ironmans, with a third on the docket. I also really hate writing in the first-person. And, I suppose while we’re at it, I’ve never liked bananas either.

And so, without further adieu, get ready to join me on what should hopefully be a wild(ly entertaining) ride. Saddle up!

Kevin Rouse may have been a bit late to the bike-riding party, but he’s certainly making up for lost miles. Having discovered cycling while studying journalism at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, he enjoys long days in the saddle whenever—and however—he can get them. You can usually find him on two wheels, but if not, you’d be well served to check the nearest coffee shop.