2013 SSCXWC | Join or Die

Should one have found themselves in Philadelphia this weekend, there was more than a slight chance of running in to a roving enclave of absurdity known to its participants as the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships.

Lampshades, male thongs, overly enthusiastic (and overly inebriated) spectators—all are part of the recipe for the unique experience afforded by the SSCXWC. Kicking and screaming its way into the world in 2007, the SSCXWC’s fame has greatly grown, although the same can’t exactly be said for its credibility (or respectability for that matter).


Here’s a brief primer on SSCXWC straight from the horse’s mouth:

What can racers expect from SSCXWC?
“This will be one of the most memorable cycling events you have ever done. It will most definitely be a cyclocross race, but it will also be a huge celebration. The course will be lined with extremely rabid, and likely quite inebriated, spectators who will demand all participants enjoy themselves. You can also expect course obstacles that you swear were created by some very disturbed individuals.”

What happens if I win?
“You get the golden speedo (or bikini), and a free tattoo. Don’t want a tattoo? Don’t win. Focus on winning the day instead.”

Adam Craig and Mical Dyck don the coveted golden swimwear at the 2012 SSCXWC.

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