What the heck is SRAM WiFLi?

If you’ve done any drivetrain shopping lately, chances are you’ve come across the term WiFLi. Though it looks like either a “WiFi” typo, or a pretty bad name for a hip-hop dance squad, WiFLi is actually just what SRAM calls their wider range cassettes and derailleurs.

WiFLi is short for “Wider, Faster, Lighter” (yes, that’s a painfully clunky acronym), and it’s SRAM’s creative way of denoting components that offer a more spaced-out gear range with a cassette that goes all the way to 32 teeth, as opposed to the more standard 28 teeth.

Now that leads us to another question: Why would you want a cassette with a wider range? If you’re a professional racer, the answer is, you wouldn’t. But for the average rider, some extra teeth at the cassette’s low-end can make tough climbs a heck of a lot easier. So if you want a little more oomph on the uphill, or if you’d just like a wider range of gearing to choose from, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the WiFLi designation on SRAM’s drivetrains.

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