Ask a Mechanic: Adding Bottomless Tokens to Your Pike.

Tommy says, “ I seem to be going through the travel on my Pike pretty easly even at the correct air pressure. Will adding a Bottomless Token help, and can you show me how to do it?”


Using a Bottomless Token or two in your Sram fork is a great way to increase the ramp-up of your air spring. This gives the more aggressive rider extra resistance against bottoming out as their fork nears the end of its travel, resulting in a “bottomless” feel. Adding or removing these Bottomless Tokens reduce or increase the volume of your forks air spring chamber, affecting how much force is required to get the fork to bottom out with the same amount of air pressure. Some bikes come with custom tuned forks for the geometry and travel of the bike, and already have these tokens in the fork but you can still add or remove them to suit your riding style. It will make a big difference in how the bike performs and the process of adding or removing them is actually quite simple.

Start by checking the air pressure you are currently running in your fork. Once you’ve checked to see what the air pressure is, make a note so you can come back to it at the end. Now, remove all the air in the fork by depressing the valve. Once all the air is out of the fork, take a 24mm socket and remove the air cap. Depending on what fork you have, there may already be a bottomless in your fork and if there is, take note. If you are going to add a token, simply thread it on to either the top cap or the token that is already secured to the top cap. Thread it on by hand and then you can use the socket and an 8mm allen wrench to snug them together.

The max torque spec is only 2.3Nm so no need to go crazy and over tighten them. If you are going to be removing a token, simply unthread the bottom Token from the others, or the top cap, and then re-snug the remaining tokens. Before putting the top cap back on, be sure to put a little grease around the o-ring above the threads, then tighten the top cap and Tokens back into the fork. Torque the top cap to 28Nm. Now all that’s left to do is put your fork back at the correct air pressure before hitting the trail.

Once you get the feel for your fork again, you may end up having to change the air pressure a little to account for the change in the spring ramping to accommodate your riding style. Give it a try and see if it improves your riding experience. It’s a low cost, low effort way to change your ride.