Best Tire Combinations for All-Mountain/Enduro Mountain Biking

Trail/All-Mountain/Enduro riders require higher levels of cornering traction, and commonly ride in rough terrain, so the best tires often have stouter, grippier knobs and more durable casings. Side knobs are usually tall and blocky, no matter what the dirt is like. Rear AM/Enduro tires for hard packed conditions have low and/or closely-spaced center tread for fast rolling speed. Front AM/Enduro tires for hard pack are often the same used in other conditions, as the steeper terrain and higher speeds require bigger blocks for responsive braking.

The plentiful traction inherent in soft or loamy dirt presents an anything-goes situation, so taller and squarer-edged knobs are used to dig into the soft surface. As the dirt gets looser, go with more aggressive tread and keep leaning that bike over.

For really wet or muddy conditions, All-Mountain/Enduro riders often use DH mud tires. Some mud tires, like the Maxxis Shorty, use shorter spikes for use in soft, dry or damp conditions. If you can’t find a dedicated mud tire, tread with tall, widely-spaced knobs, like the Continental Der Baron, can be substituted in less-wet soil.