e*thirteen Guidering M Photos & Availablility

guidering_m integratedHardcore trailbike and DH component manufacturer e*thirteen just released official photos of its long anticipated alternating width tooth chainrings. We originally reported on the new e*thirteen chainrings during the Sea Otter Classic and showed pictures of the prototypes. The new chainrings are called Guidering M and are made from e*thirteen’s tough, but light, Exalite alloy.

e13 Guidering M Notes

There is a typo on this e13 press release regarding the size range of 104bcd rings. The correct range is 32-38.

Two versions are on offer, an integrated one piece chainring that mounts directly to splines on e*thirteen’s TRS+ and TRSr cranksets in 28-38t, the other is 104bcd compatible and will be available in 32-38t. An interesting feature for the 104bcd Guidering M is that it uses a flip-flop chainline. By flipping the ring riders can choose between either a 49mm or a 50mm chainline that will allow riders to get a perfect chainline to match either a 10 or 11-speed cassette. While it is not recommended, I would imagine that when one side of the ring is worn out it could be flipped over to double the lifespan of the chainring, although this would mean a less than optimal chainline.

Integrated rings will be made in black only to start (red to follow) while the 104bcd rings will be available in both red and black. Availability for the integrated Guidering M is slated for mid-september and the 104bcd Guidering M will be available in October.