Interbike 2013: Race Face Handlebars and Stems

Race Face Atlas 35mm Handlebars

Race Face Atlas 35mm diameter 800mm wide handlebars.

Race Face has a slew of new 35mm handlebars and stems they are showing off. Interestingly Race Face takes a different approach to the 35mm standard than Easton, the original 35mm mountain bike handlebar pioneers. Rather than build the stiffest bar possible, Race Face used the oversized handlebar clamp area to shave weight off of the handlebar while adding durability. For carbon bars this offers great peace of mind. For alloy bars, 35mm clamping areas makes them a whole lot lighter without having to sacrifice stiffness. A number of different rise, width, and color options are available for each model.

The 35mm diameter shot peened alloy Atlas bars are available in 10mm, 20mm, and 35mm rise with a 8 degree rearward and 5 degree upward bend. Black, Orange, Gold, Green Monster, Red, and Blue anodized color options are available to match your ride. They also come in a downhill bar worthy 800mm width. Although the claimed sweep and bend match that of their older bars, the look and feel is quite different with a more pronounced upsweep and backsweep. The ergonomics of the new bars are now very similar to that used by Enve. In our opinion this is a huge compliment, as we’ve always loved Enve’s handlebar ergonomics. However, Race Face’s 35mm bars have the added benefit of even lower weight. The Atlas bars come in at a claimed weight of only 300 grams.

Race Face 35mm Carbon Sixc and Next Handlebars

The new 35mm Race Face carbon Sixc and Next handlebars feel great and offer amazingly light weight.

In the carbon DH bar arena Race Face offers their Sixc handlebars (pronounced “six”) with all the same stats as the Atlas bar, but with a lot less weight. The Sixc bars come in at a claimed weight of just 210 grams with a 20mm rise and 800mm wide!

Race Face’s carbon Next riser bars come in a 760mm wide with the same bend and rise options as the Atlas bars (except for the 35mm rise option) but are lighter than their Sixc counterparts. The Next Carbon bar will be the go to option for trail riders and enduro racers for its great vibration damping qualities and amazingly low claimed weight of just 180 grams for the a handlebar of this width. The Turbine alloy bars offer the same width, rise, and sweep as the Next, but at half the price and bit more weight at 270 grams claimed.

Race Face Atlas 35mm Stem

The graphics and machining on the Race Face Atlas 35mm stem make it one of the most gorgeous enduro stems on the market.

Of course making the switch to a 35mm bar necessitates a stem upgrade as well. Race Face’s beautifully machined and laser etched Atlas 35mm stems make the choice to upgrade to a 35mm setup even more compelling. At a claimed weight of 141 grams for the 35mm extension, 160 grams for the 50mm extension, and 181 grams for the 65mm extension, there is enough meat on the Atlas stem to offer downhillers and heavier riders the peace of mind to go big and enough stiffness to optimize control. The wide variety of lengths is something that was also missing in the 35mm bar and stem market that will now allow riders to dial in their handling to be just where they want it.

Race Face Atlas 35mm Stem

Race Face Atlas 35mm stem.

A direct mount DH version of the Atlas 35mm stem is also available and comes with optional 5mm spacers to easily dial in handlebar height depending on the steepness of the track. The 50mm extension stem is just 120 grams and offers a wide stance for outstanding stiffness.

Race Face 35mm Turbine Direct Mount DH Stem

Race Face 35mm Turbine Direct Mount DH stem.

Race Face 35mm Turbine Direct Mount DH Stem

Race Face 35mm Turbine Direct Mount DH stem.