Interbike 2013: Rock Razor & Magic Mary Join Schwalbe’s Super Gravity Ranks

Schwalbe’s Super Gravity line is designed to meet the durability requirements of downhillers but with the low weight desired by enduro riders. To satisfy these competing interests, Schwalbe reinforced their Super Gravity tires with four layers of carcass on the sidewalls but they use just two layers under the cap, creating a tire that is rugged yet lightweight and flexible. SnakeSkin puncture protection then encases and protects the whole tire, making it ideal for tubeless use. Schwalbe’s Super Gravity carcass will be featured in two new tires for 2013, the fast-rolling Rock Razor and the trail-grabbing Magic Mary. Find out why these two tires may just be the ultimate pair for enduro riding. 

Magic Mary

Like its predecessor the Muddy Mary, the Magic Mary has an intermediate profile that excels at competitive use. The shoulder knobs are massive to increase grip in the corners, even in muddy conditions, and are angled to keep your tire from rolling over. The center lugs are aggressive for maximum traction and improved braking performance but ramped to decrease rolling resistance. The versatility of the Magic Mary is its greatest asset. You can throw on this tire for the bike park, you can use it to dominate downhill or you can depend on it to carry you countless miles on your next enduro adventure. It is available in 26″, 27.5″ and 29er wheel sizes.

Rock Razor

The Magic Mary may have versatility but the Rock Razor has speed. The “semi-slick” Rock Razor tire is by far the fastest in Schwalbe’s Super Gravity line. Flattened, low profile studs in the center give it incredibly low rolling resistance while larger solid studs on the shoulders make sure it digs into the corners when it needs to. If you want to dominate an enduro race with dry hardpack or loose over hardpack conditions, the Rock Razor is the obvious choice. The Rock Razor is designed for the rear so throw a Magic Mary or a Hans Dampf on the front and you will have massive amounts of both speed and control. With a set up like that, be prepared for an incredibly fast run that will put a smile on your face, put you on the podium or, most likely, both. The Rock Razor is available in 26″ and 27.5″ wheel sizes.