New Race Face Platform Pedals

Raceface platform pedals

The Aeffect pedal is pictured at left and the top of the line Atlas is on the right.

In a saturated platform pedal market it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd, but Race Face’s newest Atlas and Aeffect pedals really turned our heads. The main features that every flat pedal customer is looking for are thinness, lightweight, durability, serviceability, design (shape, color, pin placement), and price. It seems like most platform pedals rate a solid 10 in a few of these features, but achieve these successes at the expense of other features.  This is where the new Race Face pedals stand apart from the competition; they are the full package.

Raceface Atlas pedals1

The new Atlas pedals are chock full of features and are just 350 grams with a steel spindle.

The Atlas pedals are just 13.25-14.4mm thick with a 114mm square platform, weigh 350 grams (steel spindle!), have three sealed cartridge bearings per pedal with a Zerk fitting (capped with a spare pin!), deflects rocks with their angled platform design, are easily home serviceable, available in a rainbow of anodized and lazer-etched colors, traction pins on the double-concave pedal surround the pedal’s perimeter and are angled inward for better grip, and for a pedal with this level of features, $179 is a very reasonable price.

For riders on a tighter budget Race Face offers the Aeffect pedal. At 15mm-17mm thick with a 100mm square platform, just 363 grams (steel spindle), with one bearing and one bushing per pedal, a rock-deflecting design, easy serviceability, featuring traction pins galore on a double concave body, and at just $119 per set, the Aeffect is a slam dunk pedal option for your rig.

We expect to get the new pedals in stock toward the end of November.