San Luis Obispo Trail Action

Cerro San Luis (San Luis Mountain) lies smack-dab in the middle of San Luis Obispo and is a big part of everyone’s mountain-biking experience here. It’s the go-to ride-from-the-shop during the summer, and if you live or work in SLO, it’s easy to ride Cerro San Luis before or after work, and the mountain has a little bit of everything; singletrack, fire road, steep sections both up and down, and rocks. Lots of rocks. The trail on the backside of the mountain is known as the Rock Garden, and while it’s not the gnarliest trail around, it definitely has consequences if you fall. Many local riders have intimate relationships with the Rock Garden, and Anthony Medaglia, SRAM engineer, is one of the fastest. Enjoy this POV video and if you live here, compare Anthony’s run to the lines you usually take. Also, always send a buddy down ahead of you to make sure there aren’t any hikers. Don’t risk having mountain bikers kicked off the mountain.