Sound Off: Scott Chapin

Chapin Xmas
Scott Chapin… Where do we begin? Underground Hero, BMX charger, supernaturally talented mountain biker, transcendent ‘cross racer, and master of all things two-wheeled, Mr. Chapin is a cyclist like Leonardo da Vinci was a painter: his interests and talents range far across the endless plains of radicality. Not only does SC shred on everything he throws a leg over, he epitomizes all of the founding principles of riding bikes/dirtbagging that make our world special. Scott’s paychecks come from Santa Cruz Bicycles as reparation for his duties as “Warehouse Man,” but make no mistake, Chapin could just as easily be supporting his habits as a model and writer for Deadly Mustache Magazine, or as curator of the Bigfoot Museum. Come to think of it, Chapin doesn’t actually support his habits, his habits support him… And you, and me, and everyone else that has had the opportunity to glimpse into the galaxy that exists between Scott’s ears.

Have you ever seen examples of supernatural phenomena, ie Bigfoot, ghosts, miniature creatures, chupacabra, etc? I went to the Bigfoot Discovery museum in Felton and I discovered that I am Bigfoot, and yes, I believe in myself.

Dawn patrol or evening ride? I would love to be on the dawn patrol but the SCB warehouse opens at 7am and I open the door.  By default I am on the Evening Ride program, although the best time to ride is at lunch! I am lucky to get out for a quick hour of power; Tuesdays on the GIRO ride, and occasionally a Wilder loop with the carpet walkers from upstairs. 
Have you ever used your bike as a getaway vehicle, and why? A bike is a great getaway vehicle.  I have used my bicycle to get away everywhere.  I got away to my gramma’s house for lunch the other day…
If  you had to ride mountain bikes with cantilever brakes instead of hydraulic discs or elastomer suspension instead of current technology, which would it be?  I would ride one of my fancy new $10,000 carbon bikes with full suspension, disc brakes, a dropper post, and carbon wheels or I would ride a beach cruiser, or my vintage roadbike with flatpedals.  Actually I would love to ride each of those bikes at the Sea Otter downhill and see which one I could run a faster time on and then choose that one.
There’s a barrier at the bottom of an uphill sprint to the finish with someone right next to you. Do you bunnyhop or dismount? Just don’t !@#$ up. This goes back to Bike Racing 101. First thing you gotta do is mentally defeat your opponent before the attack is made.  When you go, on the fly decide to either dismount like a ballerina and run like a gazelle for the win, or risk death for ultimate Instagram photo op glory and hop that %^&* to the podium.
Best cycling innovation? The wheel; the invention of the headset allowing two wheels to be balanced; a drive train for propelling a human at speeds greater attainable than on foot; pneumatic tires; everything Shimano makes
Flats or clipless? Just do what feels right. I run Giro on clipless and Vans on flats.
Favorite piece of cycling kit? The bicycle. Spandex is hella over rated.  New Road is all about no chamois.
Favorite place to ride? !@#$ing Santa Cruz BRO!!!

Who are your heroes or role models? Bigfoot. Anyone who’s got skills and talent. On the bike examples would be all my riding buddies!!!  Racing inspriation for when I started would be Mountain Larry, Justin Robinson, The Jauques-Maynes Twins, Timmy Cannard, Ron Riley, Don Myrah, all the crusty old Cal-Giant masters cross racers, Steve Peat, Mark Weir, Nathan Rennie, Brian Lopes, Blind Bobby McMullen, Kirt Vories, and All the Post Office Kids from Aptos that took over the whole Dirt jump/Freeride/slopestyle scene.  Santa Cruz For Life.
Pizza or burrito, and what would be on/in the perfect one? Definitely Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal for breakfast and organic eggs with Verve coffee. I’ve been super pumped on Pasta with sausage from El Salchichero, pesto, kale, onions, garlic, roasted beets, butternut squash, and tomatoes.  Or I would flashback to 2005 and order a Double Death Burger and fries or flashback to 2007 and order a $5 pepperoni pizza from Little Sleazers.
Favorite Santa Cruz product? I am the best product from Santa Cruz, California.

Cross-train or ride more? I race cyclocross in the winter and Mountain bikes in the summer, I am always training.  It never ends.  I am always riding as much as possible however achieving maximum results often requires riding less.  My favorite types of cross training are eating ice cream, drinking beers, dance parties, and stacking pallets. 
Jeremy Powers or Perry Kramer? Perry Kramer for sure. Guns don’t kill people, people with mustaches kill people. J-Pow is a total stud on the bike, unfortunately his DJ skills are sub-par.
What was your first bike? A sweet red 16 inch with checkered pad set.
Websites you check everyday? My Google calendar, #scottchapin, STRAVA,
Is it a roost or a carve? Carving’s for turkeys! Roost that %^&* BRO!
Will bourbon hand-ups ever catch on? They already have! My personal favorite is when someone puts bourbon in a beer can so you pound it like beer but actually it’s bourbon, and then it’s awesome.  

What are you most grateful for? All the opportunities I have gotten myself into through cycling.  I couldn’t be more grateful, living the dream riding bikes everyday!
Advice for the masses? Do what you love, be true to yourself, when your mom makes tropical carrot cake for your birthday don’t eat the whole thing to yourself; share it with your friends!