This Just In: Giant Contact Switch Dropper Post

Giant Contact Switch

This image shows the standard externally routed cable option for the Giant Contact Switch.

Giant is looking to shake up the dropper post world with its new Contact Switch dropper post. What makes the Contact Switch different than other dropper post options is that it can switch between a standard externally routed cable setup, to an internally routed “stealth” setup that affixes the cable to the bottom of the post. This is great if you are in the market for a dropper post but are planning to upgrade your frame in a year to a model that is stealth routing compatible.

While this feature is big news, the bigger news is the serviceability, reliability, and amazing price of the post. People have been asking for years why dropper posts are so expensive and often maintenance intensive when the mechanics of dropper posts are functionally the same as an adjustable height office chair. Giant seems to be the first to have figured this out and brought the office chair guts to the trailhead.

This image shows the internally routed "stealth" cable option for the Giant Contact Switch.

Utilizing a full hydraulic cartridge, the Contact Switch has infinite vertical adjustability up to 100mm. Hydraulic cartridges also have the benefit of a controlled return speed and no air valves to worry about leaking. Yet, by utilizing a cable activated switch, Giant has avoided the bleeding requirements that full hydraulic switches require. Best of all, if the inexpensive hydraulic cartridge ever does have issues, replacing it is remarkably easy and can be realistically accomplished by any decent home mechanic. All you need to fully disassemble the post is a set of Allen wrenches.

To show how to make the change from external to internal cable routing, we’ve put together a short video that explains it step-by-step. Part of this procedure involves removing the hydraulic cartridge, so even if you aren’t converting the post into a different mode, you will have all the steps you need to just remove and replace the cartridge with this same video.