What You Really Want to Buy, But Won’t – Part II: Dropper Posts

Photo: Gibson/Maxxis

Put a dropper post on your holiday wish list and the non-mountain bikers in your life are going to be thoroughly confused. In this case, you’ll need to take matters into your own hands and buy this gift for yourself.

If you haven’t already, you need to put a dropper post on your bike. Being able to instantly get your saddle into descending or pedaling position will change the way you ride. Dropper posts make you faster, while boosting the fun factor of your rides by allowing you to put your saddle in the perfect position all the time without stopping. If you’re reticent about spending what is, admittedly, a lot of money on a seat post when the one you have supports your saddle just fine, remember that once upon a time some of us said the same about rim brakes…

Despite an initial whiff with the DOSS seatpost, Fox Racing Shox kept at it and finally hit one out of the park with the Fox Transfer Factory dropper post. Thanks to advanced internal valving, the Transfer requires only an incredibly light touch at the lever to infinitely adjust saddle height. The same Kashima coating found on Fox’s Factory-Series forks covers the stanchion of the Transfer. Kashima is both slippery and strong, enhancing smoothness and protecting the post from damage. Fox offers two remote levers for the Transfer. An under-the-handlebar “1X” version takes the place of the front shifter, and a”2x/3x” above-bar model that sits next to a front shifter clamp.


Fox Racing Shox Transfer Post with Kashima Coating


Fox Transfer 2x/3x Remote Lever


Winning the popularity contest is the Rock Shox Reverb, which has lighter operation and a more solid foundation in its current B1 configuration. Fully hydraulic internals, from lever to post, makes for ultra-smooth execution, without the need for periodic lever cable adjustment common to hybrid systems. Rock Shox’s Connectamajig lets you quickly disconnect the hose from the post for easy installation. Infinite adjustability lets you set your saddle wherever you want it at any time.


Rock Shox Reverb B1 Dropper Post Connectamajig Detail

A long-time favorite of the staff here at Art’s Cyclery is the Kind Shock LEV Integra. The LEV’s sealed hydraulic cartridge makes for bleed-free set-up, and maintenance is limited to wiping down the stanchion and occasionally packing grease underneath the dust wiper. Actuation for the infinitely adjustable post is by cable, and KS offers a great stock lever along with an under bar shifter-style aftermarket lever dubbed the Southpaw. Plus, there are a ton of service parts available for the KS posts, should you ever have to spruce yours up a bit.


Kind Shock LEV Integra Black


Kind Shock Southpaw Remote Lever