Winning Meals for Cyclists

Steak Spring Salad

Making healthy meals can be difficult when nearly every minute of spare time we have in our hectic schedules is spent out on the bike. Nevertheless, I believe all it takes to begin preparing wholesome, delicious meals at home is a bit of education and inspiration.

A favorite meal of mine that is easy to make and very healthy is the steak spring salad pictured above, and, it’s great to look forward to after a short training ride. Based on thinly sliced flank steak and a mixture of spring salad greens, it’s easy to change up the flavor palate of the salad and the caloric content of the completed dish.

In this example I’ve added feta cheese, pink grapefruit, and an apple cider vinaigrette for a punchy and pungent fruit flavor that really zings the taste buds. For a very light version of the same salad, skip the meat and feta and instead top the greens with shaved parmesan cheese, apple cider vinaigrette, and some sliced apples to boost the apple flavor of the dressing.

For a more filling version that makes use of the same base, I go with carne asada for the meat and then add in a small helping of rice and beans, a small cheese quesadilla broken up over the salad, and a large helping of salsa in lieu of the dressing. Salsa is an especially good choice as a dressing because an entire 16oz jar of most store-bought salsas have the same amount of calories as a single serving of ranch dressing (homemade salsas are even healthier)!

I especially like the versatility of these salads and how quick, and easy they are to make. The possibilities are really endless—just have fun with it and you will be eating better in no time. For more healthy meal ideas and recipes, check out the Feedzone Cookbook by Skratch Labs guru Dr. Allen Lim and chef Biju Thomas.