15 Signs of Bike Geekdom

We here at Artscyclery.com have all been in love with bikes for quite some time. By now we’ve all formed habits and lifestyles that are conducive to fueling our lust for bikes. If you’re not sure if you’re a true bike geek, here are some tell-tale signs you may be obsessed.

1. You wear cycling socks everywhere.
2. You have a better farmers tan than the farmers.
3. You can’t remember how bad your legs look, you’ve been shaving them so long.
4. Your lower body is disproportionately larger than your upper body.
5. You actually give cyclists enough room when you drive past them on the road.
6. You neglect your children to ride.
7. You see an incredible piece of landscape and your first thought is, “I wonder if there are any trails?”
8. You don’t mind wearing Lycra.
9. You can watch 3 hours of live tour footage and not get bored.
10. You see a Lamborghini parked next to a bunch of bikes and don’t notice the car.
11. You plan your vacations around cycling.
12. Your bikes (or bike) are/is worth more than your car.
13. You wear your compression garments all day.
14. You’re too skinny and you eat too much.
15. Your pajamas have bicycles on them.

If any of these relate to you, you’re probably deeply in love with your bicycle. Fortunately, Artscyclery.com has many delightful products to satisfy your cravings for all things bicycle. What about you reader and friend? Did we miss your cycling idiosyncrasy? Post your comments and let us know what we missed.

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