The Afternoon Ride

Ah, the afternoon ride!  Is there any better way to break up a day at the office?  Especially a Monday. Work has it’s many benefits, obviously, and can even be enjoyable at times  (I work at a bike shop so who am I to say what a 9 to 5  job is). But let’s get something straight right off the bat: there are few things that compare to a great ride, no matter where you work.  Mountain or Road, we all have our favorites.  In my case the windows to the outside world are just far enough to keep me from staring out enviously on sunny days, but it’s pretty easy to imagine descending Highway 46 west on a clear day.

The great thing is, my employers understand the importance of the afternoon ride.  We go out together on a 12 miler quite often.  It’s just enough work to get some good exercise in.  By splitting up the day, the afternoon tends to go by faster and I work with more motivation and fervor.  It’s common knowledge that people who exercise regularly are more alert during the day, and my employers understand the importance of healthy employees. The afternoon ride’s also a great way to meet coworkers and get to know them outside the office.

So, are you riding everyday?  If not, how come? If the health benefits aren’t enough, its just plain fun.  Think of those times in your life when you were in shape and riding hard frequently (admittedly, this time didn’t last very long for the author).  I remember the ride was my staple, my constant.  No matter what happened during the day I could trust that I would have a good time riding – it would hurt at times, but I felt like I accomplished something. It was good to know I was treating my body well.

So let’s all get on our bikes more.  If you need an incentive our website,, has plenty of cool stuff (we all ride better after we put new tires, bar tape, etc., on – at least in our heads).  We just got some Cervelo S2s and Truvativ Hammerschmidts in, so check those out.  Feel free to send this to your employer  for coercive purposes and keep riding those bikes.

Hammer On