BOS Deville TRC 27.5 Fork Review

BOS Deville 160 Fork ReviewThere have been, essentially, two players in the modern suspension game: Rock Shox and Fox. The former has recently introduced the stellar Pike, featuring Rapid Recovery rebound damping, while the latter is deservedly still enjoying a reputation built on years of innovation and top-shelf products. If you live in Europe, however, there is a name conspicuously absent from that list: BOS Suspension. Previously unavailable in the States, now sold through Art’s Cyclery, BOS products carried Nico Vouilloz and Anne-Caroline Chausson to the most dominating downhill careers ever, and are now here to help you own your local scene as well. Meticulously engineered and assembled in France, the BOS Deville TRC displays why BOS forks are the new pinnacle of front suspension in the U.S.

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