Introducing: Yeti

picture-31It’s been a while since we introduced a new bike brand here at Art’s Cyclery, so we are pretty excited to announce that we are now carrying Yeti bikes. Yeti has deep roots in the mountain bike industry dating back to 1985 before mountain biking was even considered an industry. Yeti is a company of riders with an anti-corporate approach to designing bikes – product guys make decisions at Yeti, not accountants.

Starting with Julie Furtado’s World Championship win in 1990, Team Yeti has become one of the most widely recognized teams in the history of the sport and has been home to some of the biggest names in mountain biking including Aaron Gwinn, Jared Graves, Missy Giove, Miles Rockwell, John Tomac, Jill Kitner, Sam Blinkensop, Tara Llanes, Paul Rowney, and Marla Streb. This commitment to racing has driven their innovative suspension designs that continue to push the limits of what is possible at a time when most of the bicycle industry has given up investing resources into radically new suspension designs.

Yeti 575 Race X2 150 2011 Black

The 575 is a trail beast, and the most successful bike in Yeti's history.

Beyond Yeti’s racing heritage and their commitment to innovation, their bikes have always had a distinctive style that has set them apart from the crowd. Some signature traits include oval top tubes, loop tail one-piece seat/chain stays, external headsets, and their unique turquoise and yellow color schemes.

As a result of their consistently unique approach to bicycle design, Yeti owners have a tendency to remain loyal to the brand. Ride a Yeti, and you may become a member of the Yeti tribe that congregates every year at their headquarters in Golden, Colorado for a BBQ and ride. Yeti still has the same kind of company it did back in the day – small, passionate, independent and proud.

Here’s a brief rundown of the bikes we’ll be carrying:

Yeti 575

The 575 has been the most successful bike in the history of Yeti. Why? It’s light, has loads of travel (5.75″), is efficient and descends well. But most importantly, it rules on rough terrain.

Yeti ASR-5

The ASR-5 is an amazingly versatile all-arounder. Long, gnarly back-country rides? No problem. You wanna race a little cross country? This bike is light enough to help you stomp your lycra-clad friends uphill and then put more time into them on the downhill.

Yeti Arc BigTop 29

This 29er has a carbon fiber rear end that provides vertical compliance, great lateral stiffness with a forgiving, comfortable ride.

Yeti ASR-5 Enduro 140 2011 White/Turquoise

The ASR-5 may be THE perfect trail bike.

Yeti Arc Big Top 2011

The Arc Big Top has comfortable ride with a carbon rear end.