Product Review | Santa Cruz Palmdale Grips

Everybody has heard of Santa Cruz bikes. Not everybody, however, is familiar with the fact that Santa Cruz also makes grips….and handlebars. To boot, Santa Cruz’s “Palmdale” grips are fantastic. I cannot say enough good about them.

First and foremost, in the modern day and age of color coordination and hyper-matchy, these Palmdale grips are on-point. This is especially the case if you own a Santa Cruz bike. I have a Santa Cruz Tallboy LT and amazingly enough, the Yellow grips PERFECTLY match the Yellow accents on my bike. This goes for all of Santa Cruz’s other bikes in their lineup as well.


A view of the moto-style waffle pattern…the precise blend of grip and feel.

The more important question is, “How do they perform?!” To that I answer, “Phenomenally.” “My new favorite grips.” and “I’m sold!” Santa Cruz really thought through the entire Palmdale design and opted for a single lock-on as opposed to the standard/traditional two. This allowed them to place a slight “mushroom profile” on the tip of the grip that adds comfort and a very good bar end feel! Many people have had issues with palm discomfort and numbness created by traditional dual lock on grips and Santa Cruz has resolved that issue. And with 760mm-780mm bars being the trend on bikes these days, these grips offer lots in the way of forgiveness if you happen to clip a tree or rock.


Diamond-gnurled gnarness.

In order to get the grip to perform like a dual lock-on grip and eliminate the possibility of twisting, Santa Cruz put an internal taper in the last 1.5″ of the grip. Despite my best motorcycle noises and twisting efforts, I’ve yet to get the slightest of movement.


Let the super-matchy competition begin. And yes, that’s a bell.

Finally, the grips offer a substantial 4.9″ of grip to allow for any variety of repositioning that you could desire. The half-waffle, moto-style knurl paired with the more minimal, diamond-gnurled pattern around the rest of the grip offer a wonderful blend of grip and feel. And at only $17.99 (about $5 – $10 less than almost all other grips on the market), I’ll leave you with a link straight to the Santa Cruz Palmdale Grip.