Product Review | Vittoria Mezcal G+ 29er

When I was offered the opportunity to review the Vittoria Mezcal G+ tire, I enthusiastically answered “yes,” under the condition that I would put the tires on my race bike after the Sea Otter Classic. Wanting to ride what I was most comfortable with, I had already chosen and mounted my racing tires. However, a tire failure during my last training ride changed my plans. Before I knew it, I was off to Sea Otter with a new and unfamiliar tire mounted at the eleventh hour — this was going to be reviewing at its rawest.


Having ridden Vittoria tires on both road and CX bikes in the past, I was familiar with their build quality and ride comfort. To that end, the Mezcal G+ didn’t disappoint. Although tight to mount on my Roval carbon wheels, once mounted, they seated up very easily with no leakage of liquid sealant.

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