Rainy Day Hero: Castelli Gabba Long Sleeve Jersey


When the skies decide to open up, Gene Kelly may start singing, but for cyclists, most start cursing. Riding in the rain can be a soul-crushing experience, and unfortunately, for many of us, it’s simply unavoidable.

Sometimes there's no escaping the rain. For those times, I turn to the Castelli Gabba long sleeve jersey.

For those that do see their not-so-fair share of waterlogged miles, there are two ways to deal. One, give up riding, or two, invest in some solid rain gear. And for those who choose the latter, first, I commend your decision and secondly, don’t run to the SEC, but here’s a bit of insider trading info: Castelli’s Gabba long sleeve rain jersey is their ace-in-the-hole as far as wet-weather gear goes, and boy does it pay out some hefty dividends.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, my love affair with the Gabba goes back quite a way. My first experience with it was nothing short of revelatory. Pre-Gabba I’d never known it was possible to stay completely dry in in the middle of hearty downpour without donning a bulky rain jacket or sweat-trapping PVC rain cape. Not so with the Gabba.

Remaining light and breathable, the Gabba wears like a jersey, but stops rain in its tracks. In fact, the Gabba is so good at shedding water, Castelli had trouble with prototypes of the Gabba whose pockets would fill up with the stuff. And while the rider would still stay dry as a bone, the sloshing was a bit distracting. So how did Castelli go about solving the problem? By putting grommets in the pockets to allow the water to drain—an odd solution to a good problem to have.

The Gabba was born through a joint development process with the Garmin team and its riders, and now finds its way onto their backs whenever the weather turns south. And, as a testament to just how great the Gabba really is, the keen eye can spot the red Scorpion logo on the backs of many a non-sponosored rider in a rain-soaked ProTour peloton.

I’m so smitten with the Gabba long sleeve that you can understand my excitement when Castelli added the convertible jacket to the Gabba line. Offering the same protection as the Gabba long sleeve jersey the convertible jacket gives riders the option to zip down when things heat up after the squall passes.

But, no matter which suits your fancy, the name Gabba better be represented in your wardrobe come rainy season.

Kevin Rouse may have been a bit late to the bike-riding party, but he’s certainly making up for lost miles. Having discovered cycling while studying journalism at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, he enjoys long days in the saddle whenever—and however—he can get them. You can usually find him on two wheels, but if not, you’d be well served to check the nearest coffee shop.