Review: 2XU Compression Leggings

2XU Compression Recovery Leggings

2XU Compression Leggings can be used while working out or during recovery.

Overview: The 2XU Compression Leggings provide all the benefits of graduated full-leg compression without the restrictive feeling of tights.

Price: $62.99

Last Fall, I traveled to Australia for the International Triathlon Union Age Group World Championships. I bought some travel/recovery tights (from a brand that competes with 2XU) to wear on the plane to help fight the effects of jet lag by hopefully increasing blood flow through my legs.

They served their purpose in that I felt fresh when I got off the plane and my legs didn’t have that heavy, dead feeling I’ve experienced on previous international flights. But I had a huge problem with them on the plane. They were so hot and restrictive, the 15-hour flight felt about twice as long. I couldn’t stop sweating and was constantly shifting my weight around trying to get comfortable. They succeeded in providing effective compression to my legs, but they failed in their wearability. As I was suffering on the plane, I thought about cutting out the crotch and rear of my tights so that only my legs were wrapped.

The product engineers at 2XU must have had a similar experience with compression tights. They have successfully designed a product that provides the amazing benefits of full-leg graduated compression without the restrictive nature of tights. As far as I know, they are the only company with this type of product. Skins makes a Leg Sleeve, but it only comes up to the mid-thigh.

2XU Compression Recovery Leggings

"Graduated compression" means that the tightest area of the garment is at the bottom, maximizing circulation so blood pumps in the proper direction.

When I come home from a 5-hour ride, spending most of my day in tight bike shorts, the last thing I want to do is put on some sweaty, restrictive tights that actually cut off circulation to some very important parts of my male anatomy.

With these leggings, you can wear your own underwear so you don’t have to suffer the wrath of restrictive tights. The material is a circular knit, 70 denier fabric for maximum support throughout the life of the leggings. An antibacterial treatment neutralizes odor and a UPF of 50 provides sun protection.

I am currently wearing these leggings to work because I’m suffering from a torn calf muscle. The level of compression delivered is perfect, and I feel like they are aiding my recovery process. The material is a medium weight, high gauge fabric, making it suitable for use during activity or recovery.

Bottom Line: These leggings provide awesome compression benefits at about half the price of tights with less restriction. Slipping into these after a hard workout feels amazing. After trying compression socks, tights and calf sleeves from multiple brands, this product is my official favorite.