Review | BOS Kirk Rear Shock

When it comes to suspension, pros get all the good stuff that we mere mortals never have access to. Custom valving, advanced dampers, special friction reducing seals, custom spring tunes and more are available to the world’s fastest racers; and they get paid to ride it. Meanwhile, no matter how fat the bottom line on your bank account is, you just can’t have it. Sure you can get custom tuning, but the guts on pro level suspension makes it an entirely different animal.

For a mountain bike tech head geek like myself, I’ve dreamed about the performance available from pro level suspension for years and wondered, ‘How good is it really? What would I be capable of with that kind of control? Would I even be able to tell a difference?’ These questions were answered on my first ride aboard the BOS Kirk and now I’ll never look at suspension the same way again.

For the initial test ride I chose an especially rocky local trail that features a rock garden roughly a mile long. In spite of the vast tuneability of the Kirk, which features low-speed rebound as well as high and low-speed compression adjustment, without any real fine-tuning it was already evident that the Kirk was in a different league than its competition.

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